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How Wonderful to buy prescription eyeglasses online?

Some time ago, when I was browsing a fashion magazine, I was totally attracted by a pair of the eyeglasses frame. It was one that has a slim titanium frame of half-rim design, and the color is light purple (my favorite color)! How I wanted to have it! I do not like my former pair of prescription eyeglasses frame which makes me look dull and stupid, like a book worm. In the following several days I spent a lot of time and energy wandering from one local optical store to another in order to find it. However, I almost visited all nearby optical stores but still could not find one, even one pair with a similar design. That day I went home disappointedly with an empty hand, tired and frustrated.

I complained to a friend about my terrible experience. Surprisingly, she suggested I try to find it online. To be frank, I had never bought eyeglasses online. I knew that many standard goods or goods that do not need specialized sizes to suit individuals could be bought online, such as books, foods, daily necessities; but I never known that eyeglasses, which need to be matched to individuals and need to try on in person could also be bought online. I told my puzzles to my friend. She told me that in fact, eyeglasses, as well as prescription eyeglasses are also one kind of standardized products that has different sizes. Inside of the frame, there are marked with numbers such as51 16-148. So we can buy eyeglasses online according to those measurements if we had worn frames with that set of measurements previously.

Eager to get one pair of eyeglass frames the same as which I saw in the magazine, I decided to try to buy one from the internet. I typed the particular design and brand name of that frame into the internet, and surprisingly, I really found several net stores selling it! How happy I was! After carefully comparison, I decided to order one from the store www.cheapglasses123.com because it seems that this store has better credit, and the price it charged is much lower than other stores.

Now I have received the goods. It is exactly the same as the one introduced in the magazine, exquisite, stylish and pretty. When my colleagues and friends see me wearing that pair of eyeglasses, they all say that I look younger and stylish. I sincerely attribute it to that net optical store. It is really wonderful to buy eyeglasses online!